Extraordinary Colours of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

As I looked outside the hostel’s window and saw snow flakes falling, the thought of spending my saturday in one of Edinburgh’s many pubs or cafes was definitely appealing. I jumped into my warmest clothes and made my way to the closest café.

Soon after I sat down next to the window, the snow turned into rain. I debated on whether I should order yet another warm coffee or venture into the cold myself. After all, I only had a day in Edinburgh – and it would have been a waste to spend it only in one place (with free WiFi).

I chose to ignore the rain and go outside – and I’m very glad I did. During my walk through the city’s streets and alleys, I realised that rain suits Edinburgh – it emphasised the city’s charm and character, and deepens its multiple colours.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh, Scotland

17 thoughts on “Extraordinary Colours of Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities and I just love the photos you took, it really makes it look lovely despite the rain.

    Despite the fact I’ve been there many times, I’ve never actually been to Greyfriars Bobby yet even though I read a childrens book about him when I was really little. I shall need to add that to my list next time I visit (along with another trip to the castle since it has been years since I last went and I never get sick of castles)

  2. I live about 2 hours south of Edinburgh! I love visiting! Just like a lot of places in the UK, places look nice in rain too- luckily! I went last year and it was actually sunny; it was glorious! Where else are you visiting in UK?

  3. Love your photos of Edinburgh! Scotland is very high on my light of must-go-to places. I also love rain, so yes, I think Scotland would be perfect for me! Have a great weekend!Christine of Lovingly Simplelovinglysimple.blogspot.com

  4. I have never been, but I totally am with you as far as rain perhaps suiting it. Every time I think of Edinburgh, I imagine it rainy and foggy and honestly want it to be that way when I get there soon. Glad you made the most of it!

  5. This post has perfect timing…I'm finalizing my trip to Edinburgh this week. Going in April, I'll also be visiting St. Andrews. Any hostel or restaurant recommendations?

  6. @Tonya, @Michelle, @Meri and @Eurotrip Tips I'm glad I'm not this weird girl that likes to visit the UK when it rains, and thinks that rain makes it more beautiful. I said that out loud at work today and the reply was general laughter and being told to take some vacation! People just don't get the point…

  7. Oh I love this post. People don't understand when I tell them that the UK feels and looks better with rain! There's just something about the mix of gray buildings, green trees and gray skies that create an unmistakable charm.Thanks for sharing!

  8. You said exactly what I was thinking- even though its rainy, how could you not want to be there? I love the name "holyroodhouse palace" too. I'm saying it with a scottish brogue… channeling gerard butler…

  9. Wow – your pictures are gorgeous! Edinborough looks so charming. Seems like you had a great time!

  10. I just found your blog and am SO excited! Beautiful pictures. We're going to Scotland next spring and you've got me even more excited! As for rain when traveling, I love it. Smaller crowds and you do get a real sense of the place you're in when it's only the locals out running about.

  11. Very true! Edinburgh is one of my very favorite cities, even with the rain! Did you do a tour of Mary King's Close?? Great pictures as well!

  12. Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing! Great work. And thanks for making me long for a trip to Edinburgh 🙂

  13. I liked visiting Edinburgh… we took the bus and boat tour out to the Forth of Firth, but now, I'd like to go back and walk the Royal Mile.

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