In Search of The Perfect Crêpe

Crêpe in Annecy, France

One and a half years of life in the french speaking side of Switzerland have taught me a lot of things – most of them on food, and concretely on cheese (but you already know about that). Anyone living in this country develops his / her sense for tasty food – you really can’t get around it. And what’s tasty and french, besides for cheese? Crêpes!

Back in Spain, crêpes were sweet treats that I would only order in very limited occasions. I still remember ordering a crêpe filled with dulce de leche and topped with vanilla ice cream in an argentinian lounge bar in Madrid. Three minutes walk from my faculty, free wifi, comfortable armchairs, air conditioning and those delicious crêpes with dulce de leche made this place my favorite spot for preparing group presentations.

Crêpe in Lausanne, Switzerland

But just when I thought that crêpes couldn’t get any better, I moved to Switzerland. Here, people don’t leave crêpes for special occasions (or in my case, stressful occasions), but include them in their healthy day-by-day. And so, I’ve discovered my love for salty crêpes.

Salty crêpes in Switzerland are very thin and crunchy, and often made of wholemeal flour. I’ve seen cooks adding some light beer to the batter (you can’t really taste the beer afterwards – I wouldn’t even know about it if I hadn’t seen it). The fillings can be anything from ricotta, spinach & parsley (one of my favorites) to salmon, onions and mushrooms, which is precisely what I like most about them – their large list of possible fillings! I couldn’t choose only one favorite combination, but can assure that any thin crunchy crêpe filled with spinach and fresh cheese is already in my top list, and adding mushrooms, lard and/or fresh parsley can make it even better.

Whatever you finally decide on the filling – enjoy it with a cup of cider, the french way!

French Cider in Annecy

Which is your favorite crêpe filling? Have you tried making them at home?

15 thoughts on “In Search of The Perfect Crêpe

  1. Nice pictures. I hadn’t had a crepe until I moved to Germany. There are a few places in town that do them all the time and then at holidays there are always more stands around. I like the standard nutella, but ham and cheese for lunch has been something I’ve done too.

  2. You have made me want crepes oh so badly! Sadly I live in California and they are not so readily available as they are in europe. 😦 Mmmmmm I am so hungry now!

  3. I used to love crepes but have yet to try to make them gluten-free! While in Russia I ate a lot of blinii, which are essentially crepes…I loved them with chocolate sauce personally 🙂

  4. I stopped back from your visit and am now following, you had me with the crepe picture but THEN I saw the little section that said for the love of food with all that beautiful cheese and I think I went into a food coma without actually eating!! 😉 Ohhhhh joy ohhhhh joy! I love crepes and we have tried making them at home, not too successfully so far but we are getting better. I love savory crepes and sweet crepes, but I think my favorite is seafood like crab in cream sauce with a little cheese wrapped up in a golden rolled crepe. Thanks for sharing this! I think we will have to try again with our crepes this weekend now. 🙂

  5. I would eat ANYTHING in a crepe- I’ve only made them a few times though. Fun to wrap fresh fruit in definitely. I haven’t had as many savory crepes but they sure are good too (I’ve put peanut butter in them haha).
    Lovely pictures!

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