Setting Sails on Lac Léman

Ouchy, Lausanne (Switzerland) – April 2011

Sunset on Lac Léman, Switzerland

I was born in a family of lucrative sailors, who dropped their anchor in the Canary Islands already many years ago. I grew up admiring pictures of my family sailing the Atlantic. I spent many weekends on a sailing boat with my best friend from school and her parents. I was invited to America’s Cup in Valencia, back in 2006. And now live watching little boats sail out each afternoon to enjoy the last rays of sun set behind the mountains.

Dear Universe: Are you trying to tell me something?

6 thoughts on “Setting Sails on Lac Léman

  1. hey!! thanks for the comment! i dont have ur email address, well i mean i think i probably do somewhere but i am not sure which one it is!! so if u could tell me what it is so i can email u about the bloggers u know that have taught abroad, that would be awesome.
    thanks 🙂

  2. Oh, simply beautiful! I have no experience with sailing whatsoever, but I have always had a strange affinity for sail boats and sketched them in the corners of notebooks. What a gorgeous photo!

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