Skating in Vevey, Switzerland

I’ve been looking for the opportunity to improve my photography – to learn about exposure and aperture, and experiment on my own with lights, wide-angle lens and optical zoom. When my mom kindly offered me to take her Fujifilm Finepix S9600, I immediately accepted (and secretly hope she will fall in love with my pictures and never asks me to return it back).

On Sunday, the weather was lovely and so I packed my camera bag and rollerblades to make my way to Vevey – a little idilic town at the boarder of Lac LΓ©man. I skated for hours along Vevey’s promenade, trying to get used to standing on wheels and making my best efforts to stay still when taking photographs (this did not always end up well).

Spring in Vevey, Switzerland

While skating along the path that draws the contour of the lake, I stopped to rest at this pink blooming tree. The afternoon sun shone through its branches and reflected on its blossoms. The sky was clear and the Alps could be perfectly outlined in the background. For a minute, I had this little piece of the promenade all for myself. The only sound was the breeze gently brushing its leaves. That moment was spring peak for me.

Spring in Vevey, Switzerland

What does spring look and feel like where you live?

9 thoughts on “Skating in Vevey, Switzerland

  1. what beautiful photos! it sounds like an absolutely idyllic day.

    we’re saying good bye to warmth and hello to autumn and winter here, so i’ll be living vicariously through your northern hemisphere season for the next few months πŸ™‚

  2. Spring is barely starting here. Seriously. Like trees are still mostly bare… but spring usually comes suddenly, like winter. It’s not rare to wear sandals in the snow because it suddenly got hot and there is still some ice on the ground.

    Next weeks is the Tulips Festival in Ottawa… I’ll post pictures πŸ™‚

  3. ah! ❀ the pics! spring is starting (finally!) to show her face in nyc as well! i also recently got a pretty nice camera (canon rebel t2i) and have been trying to figure out all the technical stuff about it. so far i think ive got down aperture! love your blog! πŸ™‚

    1. Isn’t it always exciting when you’ve got a new camera you can experiment with? Your pictures are always great – looks like you’re doing great with it!

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