The Swiss Riviera (Vevey)

You might have heard about the French Riviera – the French coastline that extends from around St. Tropez to the italian border and has been long known to be a playground for the rich and the famous. Ports are flooded with the World’s most expensive yachts – some of them include a heliport on the top, some simply have a huge pool on the top. During my summer in Nice – that first attempt on learning a french a couple of years back – I enjoyed my afternoons sitting at a nearby cafe and guessing which yacht belonged to Elton John or how many wives that Sheikh had on board.

But the french are not the only sophisticated ones with exclusive clientele – Switzerland also has its own Riviera. The Swiss Riviera.

Vevey, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Riviera stretches along the northern shore of Lac Léman – being Vevey and Montreux (home of the infamous jazz festival) its two largest villages. My favorite place to go wine tasting in Europe, Lavaux, also belongs to this area.

The Swiss Riviera does not have the Europe’s biggest yachts nor P. Diddy strolling along its beaches. Its exclusivity, though always latent, is rather subtle.

Old Village, Vevey, Switzerland Lac Léman and Alps, Switzerland

Its clean cozy streets and breathtaking lake and mountain scenery convinced many celebrities to spend a great part of their life in the region. Hemingway, Charles Chaplin and Freddie Mercury and only some of the personalities that have walked its paths and gazed at its unique sunsets.

Sure, Vevey is not among Europe’s top party places, which I prefer so – I don’t want to come across Paris Hilton and a bunch of paparazzi following her from one boutique to another. Life in the Swiss Riviera is relaxed – no rush and no hurry. No paparazzi.

It’s a simple life made luxurious – its vineyards overlooking the lake and the Alps, unnoticed boutiques with offering both quality and fashion as well as the finest collection of top quality restaurants hidden in tiny neighbor villages.

Vevey, Switzerland

There’s no need to say more – this is where I want to live (when I’m rich and famous), too.

Where would you live if you were one of the rich and famous?

35 thoughts on “The Swiss Riviera (Vevey)

  1. I love this post! I spent some time in Vevey last October and thought it was so beautiful! I took walks to the lake during the day and it was just so relaxing. I can recognize all the pictures in this post – I think I did the same walk. 😀

  2. It is such a nice area, really like it around Montreux and Vevey.
    And, by the way, the picture in the flower field was taken at the Lake of Constance close to Überlingen 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. What a beautiful place. The mountains mixing with the lake.

    I don’t think I would live anywhere else than where I currently do, just travel a lot more away from it. Always returning here where I feel that I belong somehow.

  4. I’ve been in Switzerland for almost 1 and a half years and I still haven’t made it to the French part. Damn you super expensive trains!!!!

  5. these photos are beautiful. this looks like such charming scenery. if i was super wealthy, i think i’d have to have one holiday home in seychelles or maldives, and another in scotland. then i would have my dream home in portland, oregon 🙂 . . . because i’ll be THAT rich!

  6. That’s a great set of photos . I’ve been to Switzerland but never heard the term Swiss Riviera – very a propos. I think the fork is a brilliant idea to mark a food museum.

  7. I loved this area of Switzerland, although I wasn’t able to spend more than a few hours there. Would love to go back. Your photos are beautiful! If I was one of the rich and famous, I don’t think I’d choose one spot to live — I’d have small homes in many places all over the world. The Swiss Riviera would certainly be one of them.

  8. Oh, I would love to visit this place- it seems right up my alley! I live the photo of the rocks and the boat… Perfect photo that transports you there!

  9. Wow- beautiful! I haven’t heard much about the Swiss Riviera but would love to visit. It reminds me of how I imagine Nicole Diver’s “rehabilitative” stay in Tender is the Night (Fitzgerald). Strangely enough, that novel is set on the french riviera, but she and her husband spend time at a lake place in Switzerland, and your photos is how I pictured it. The details are getting fuzzy to me!

    1. Thanks for sharing Meri. I haven’t read Tender is the Night – although its actually on my list of reads for this year. So I hope to catch this scenery you mean…!!

    1. I was surprised by finding an 8m high fork stuck in the lake, too! It was built to mark the 10 year Anniversary of Vevey’s Food Museum back in 1995 , but for me, it just represents the country’s love for delicious food 🙂

  10. Oh gosh, such lovely images reminds me of when I lived in Chamonix. I used to go to Geneva all the time. Switzerland is gorgeous and far less busy than France. I recommend it to anyone. The air is Julie Andrews “Sound of Music Fresh” !!

    1. That’s definitely something I really like about it – it’s less crowded than France, just as if the World hasn’t really discovered its flair yet.

  11. Beautiful photos! I certainly wouldn’t mind living here (in the summer) 😉
    Oh, and I love what you have done with your blog! It looks really nice.

  12. Beautiful photos! I’ve spent some time in Switzerland with one of my best friends who lives in Geneva and you are SO right. It is all class, without being spoiled by too many people or too much fuss. Those wineries on the lake? One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Thanks for taking us there x

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