It Tastes Spanish to Me

When Summer approaches, the only thing I can possibly think of is spanish food. Could there be anything that screams beach and sunshine more than a paella with meat and sea food?

I’m grateful for having found a bunch of people that feel the same way I do about food (and drinks) in Switzerland. People that, just as me, enjoy preparing copious meals just for the sake of it. People that prepare a paella with meat and sea food on a sunday, to share with a group of friends.

Spending a sunday afternoon getting tipsy on spanish wine and Orujo, talking about ingredients, cooking techniques and taste or texture preferences just felt great. Yes, I have been savoring some haute cuisine. Yes, I’ve also found spanish tapas near my work place.

What I didn’t find, until today, was the spanish attitude towards food, in general.

Switzerland enjoys a good meal, there’s no doubt about that – but once its finished, you’ll move on to the next activity. Spain, on the other hand, can spend 5 hours having lunch. Better – it can combine a lunch and a dinner, without ever leaving the table.

15 thoughts on “It Tastes Spanish to Me

  1. Wow this looks aweome and delicious. I haven’t really had true Spainish paella but yummy. I found you on Tasty Tuesday at FTLOB. I am off to explore your awesome blog. Kate

  2. Yumm! The paella pictures look delicious! Do you have a favorite recipe to share? I’ve never made paella at home, but now I kind of want to 🙂

  3. Sadly, I have never had a proper paella. Hopefully this will change and change very soon … I am just nervous to try it anywhere but Spain, so it may have to wait a year or so. Great pics!

  4. I had a 5-hour Italian lunch yesterday!!! I know what you mean, and paella is definitely a summer meal to me too, probably because I spent 2 weeks in Spain eating paella last summer!

    Looks so tasty! Did you cook yourself? You post the recipe sometime 😉

  5. Loks very good! I haven’t had paella in a while. In was a fairly common and easy-to-find dish in France but here, there is more Latino food than pure Spanish food.

  6. I think Spanish drinks – tinto de verano, sangria, rebujito (although I’ve only heard of it, never had it here in the now-not-so-cold north). But there’s something so quintessentially summer about having a tapa and a nice refreshing tinto! I would say clara, but I hate beer.

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