1001 Nights in Madrid

I can’t find enough words that suffice to explain how I feel each time I step on Madrid. The city has been part of so many important events in my life that I’m overwhelmed with familiarity and a feeling of simply belonging. When I walk its streets, thousands of memories flow into my mind. Living away from home for the first time. My first love. And my first heart-break. My best friends. Studying in the park. My graduation (and my second graduation, too). My first snowfall.

I took this picture on a sunday evening from a beautiful terrace overlooking la Catedral de la Almudena and Campo del Moro. In the distance, the outskirts of the city during the last few minutes of sunset. I’m still amazed about how a city I always believe to know so well, keeps on surprising me each time I return.

I’ll see you soon, Madrid.

14 thoughts on “1001 Nights in Madrid

  1. I have never been to Madrid but would love to visit one day. Your photo looks so magical! Good luck to your move to your new home – Madrid will never be too far away 🙂

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  2. I’ve never been but I heard great things about this city. Lots of energy, vibrant… and when it reminds you of so much, of course, it can ony be a special place for you!

  3. I have never been to Madrid, but I have the feeling I really need to go soon! Seems to be such a beautiful place!
    Hope you are doing better! It really sucks to be sick in the summer, especially with 33 degrees outside!! 🙂

  4. Every time I see beautiful pictures like this of Madrid, I say the same thing to myself, “I’ll be back soon…” I really need to make good on this promise!

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