Photo Essay: The Terraces of Lavaux

Lavaux, Switzerland

Now that summer has officially arrived, I can no longer hold myself back from telling you about one of my favorite places in the World (and no, I do not mean that my number one swiss cheese shop in Switzerland) – The Vineyards of Lavaux.

Thinking of Switzerland as a wine producer might seem odd to you, but the fact is, Switzerland is one of the World’s top wine consumers (and I’m a proud contributor to these statistics). Living less than a 10 minutes train ride from this picturesque terraces, it’s no wonder that walking across its vineyards has become one of my favorite activities for a sunny sunday afternoon. And while I move along small paths between the family-owned vineyards, I dream about living in one of those beautiful mansions…

Someday I will.

The 2 and a half hours walk starts in Grandvaux, a small village of around 2,000 habitants at about 500m height above sea level. Directions are always easily recognizable – one only has to follow the yellow arrows (or, alternatively, a green sign that reads Terrasses de Lavaux).

Lavaux, Switzerland

Although most of the walk is through vineyards, you get the chance to walk through the tiny villages in the region – such as Riex, Epesses or Rivaz. All of them are loaded with cozy wine cellars offering a different local wine each week or month.

I made a quick stop in Riex to do some wine tasting. What would be a sunday without wine anyway?

I even spotted some premature grapes on the way! Harvesting will take place in September (I can’t believe I’ll miss it!).

Lavaux, Switzerland

Each village is special and unique. Each of them have their own wine production, which proudly differentiates them from their neighbors. Not to visit at least of of the many wine cellars that lie on the way would be a crime (or a lot of self-control).

Lavaux, Switzerland

Lavaux, Switzerland

Lavaux, Switzerland Lavaux, Switzerland

Isn’t this the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

Practical Information

Route: From Grandvaux to St. Saphorin (Canton Vaud, Switzerland)
Elevation gain uphill: none, really – it only goes downhill
Elevation gain downhill: 180m
Length: approx. 10 km
Duration: 3.5 hrs (including a stop for a glass of white wine!)
Difficulty: Super Easy
Map: The closest I could find was this route From La Conversion to Vevey (I took a shorter walk in between these two points).

19 thoughts on “Photo Essay: The Terraces of Lavaux

  1. Enhorabuena por tu blog, por el diseño y sobretodo por los artículos y fotografías!
    Soy un español de Erasmus en Lausanne, enamorado de este increíble país.

    Espero le eches un vistazo a mi blog ( en el que intento dar mi opinión sobre el país de Heidi y del reloj, sin querer caer en el cliché.

    Un saludo 🙂

  2. What a beautiful place indeed! Wineries are usually nice in the first place, add the lake and you get a very picturesque place. No wonder you like it so much!

    I’m not surprised that they are big wine drinker… I mean, stuck between Italy and France, what else would you do? 😉

    1. Up to now, I had never managed to get myself to do that walk – saturdays are for shopping, sundays I’m just lazy. But I’ve taken twice the Lavaux Express! A cute train that takes you on a 2 hour trip, stopping at a different caveau of the region each week – I loved it! But frankly, walking it just feels great and offers you the flexibility to stop wherever you feel like stopping to take pictures (and eventually recover your breath). I really recommend it!

  3. I have lived in Switzerland for many years and that spot is one of my favourite……and there are many beutiful places in this tiny country. Even driving past it on the “Autobahn” it looks spectacular. My tip: Auberge du Raisin in Cully on the lake side. 😉
    Greetings from Lugano

  4. These pics are so gorgeous – and they make me want to visit Switzerland SO bad! I may be going to Lausanne for a couple of weeks in October, how far is this from there??


  5. What an incredible view from the top! It sure beats the vineyards around here 🙂 I ‘d love to go there- good luck with your mansion!

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