Walking Lausanne’s Old Town

In all the time I’ve been living here, I’ve hardly ever been in the old town during daylight. Having been the address of Lausanne’s University for centuries (up until the 1970s, when it moved to Dorigny), it is no wonder that, still today, one can find many student bars in its narrow stone streets.

Things are quite different on a sunday afternoon – it’s peaceful, quiet, and there are hardly any people on the streets. The calmness makes one put more attention on the details, and this is what I found.

Details of he Lausanne’s Cathedral, which is considered Switzerland’s finest gothic building.
Many charming buildings, covered with climbing plants.
A castle dating back to the XIV century!
Individual wrought iron signs for hairdressers, restaurants, theaters and shops.
Beautiful fountains with drinkable water.

Have you recently seen a familiar place from a different perspective?

16 thoughts on “Walking Lausanne’s Old Town

  1. I love the fountain especially- it is so charming! Your pictures capture the old town well, it looks like a nice place to get lost for an afternoon and look around at the different history of Lausanne. I often find it strange to revisit a place when I am in a different stage of life- you see things you never noticed before, its like being in a different place altogether! I love it.

  2. Wow, these photos make me feel as if I am there or have been there! You really captured the place beautifully!

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