The Secrets of Dalt Vila, Eivissa (Ibiza)

Before reuniting with my girlfriends in Formentera, I had planned on staying a day in Ibiza.


Ibiza is one of The World’s top party destinations with many of it’s night clubs featuring each year’s top ten DJs almost every night of the week. For those who seek for extravagant and wild nights of pure hedonism, Ibiza is, without doubt, the right place to be.

Me, I’m not a clubber. Maybe a bar hopper, instead. What was I going to do there?

Categorizing Ibiza only as an electro paradise is a big mistake – it has so much more to offer: peaceful hikes in the green, beautiful beaches, colorful hippy markets, fresh sea food and lots of history.

Eivissa*’s Dalt Vila (in english, Upper Town) is the heart of the island’s history. Right next to all the city happenings, is the entrance to its historical center – so different, it could be a city on its own. The Dalt Vila stands on top of a hill facing the sea. Fortifications were built in the XVI Century to protect the island. Behind the city walls, there is peace and silence. A labyrinth of stone streets, white buildings with decorative doors and windows – an intersting combination of arabic, spanish and italian architecture – and breath-taking views of shiny turquoise water. I think I could live here.






Dalt Vila was added as a World Heritage Site in 1999.

*Although the capital of Ibiza is widely called Ibiza Town, the correct name is Eivissa.

12 thoughts on “The Secrets of Dalt Vila, Eivissa (Ibiza)

  1. Wow. That looks absolutely exquisite! I’ve heard more and more people saying there is more to Ibiza than all night parties but I think you’ve just about convinced me. What stunning photos.

  2. I’m not a clubber as well, I’m more into intimate settings with a group of friends (bar, café, restaurant) or large outdoor music festivals. I just don’t like the music in most clubs 🙂

    Ibiza looks lovely and quiet through your lens. My kind of place.

  3. Awesome photos, once again. Good to know that if we make it to Ibiza (which I really want to) that there is more than just a hangover there for us 🙂

  4. Never has a place in all of my travels taken me by such surprise as Ibiza. Before arriving I had so many preconceived notions about the place and I already disliked it. I fell so crazy in love with it by the last day I was trying to come up with ideas on how I could stay haha! Gorgeous pics!!!

  5. Ibiza looks so pretty! – I’ve always wondered if there’s more to it than the party and beach scene 🙂

    Would love to go someday!


    1. At the beginning, I wasn’t even sure if I had made the right choice by staying a day in the city – I expected it all to be so crowded, expensive and… Hm… Club oriented! Itwas a p,easant surpriae to find out there was much more than that!

  6. I just can’t not comment on your fabu blog. beautiful pictures, great lifestyle! envy on your “eventually”… TravelingTheWorld.. so cool

    1. I didn’t actually see any of the big clubs… I think they’re all somewhere further outside of the city (some of them are actually in industrial areas or different towns!). I liked the contrast of party animals visiting the historical center – it was quite amusing!

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