Mojitos and Sunset (Formentera)


Before departure, I had written down a simple list of things I wanted to do during my holidays. I wanted to rent a bike, swim in turquoise water, get an envious golden tan, maybe even rent a boat for a day to discover other beaches… I’m proud to say, I went through almost all of it. Ok, I didn’t rent a bike – but on my defence, it was around 35ΒΊC during the day and roads hardly ever were lit at night.

We did swam in turquoise water, visited a different beach almost every day and even rode a zodiac along the island’s coastline (as an alternative of renting a boat). However, no matter where we had spent the day, we always did our best to be back to our beach at latest 8:30pm.





Not more than 30 meters from our apartment in Dunas Playa, was Pirata Bus – a cozy beach bar with good music, delicious mojitos and a unique view of the sunset. This bar has been in Platja Mitjorn for over 30 years, welcoming tourists and locals of all ages. Parents sipped their mojitos, while their children run around and play with the sand. A group of people played petanque. Groups of friends got together to plan the next day’s trip…

…and at 9:15pm, it felt as if time stopped. Everyone glazed towards the hills, counting the seconds for the sun to hide. In the background, tunes of Andrea Boccelli’s Por ti Volare. Each time the sun set behind the land, people clapped and cheered to the beauty of the evening.

After my first night on Formentera, I already knew this was going to be my favorite place on the island.


15 thoughts on “Mojitos and Sunset (Formentera)

  1. Ok, you have me convinced to go here! Sounds amazingly relaxing and mojitos on the beach sound pretty good right now! Lovely pictures as well!! πŸ™‚

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