A Goodbye

How do you say Goodbye to a place that has been your home for two years. A place that has taught you many things – that has seen you rise professionally, has seen you mature and become independent. That has helped you to discover youself and develop new hobbies.

Well you can’t, really.

Instead, I’ll give it a see you soon, and will think of all the things that have made my life here beautiful.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Waking up with the sun shining on my bed. Walking to the office in the morning. In flip flops. Pain au chocolat and croissants from my favorite bakery. The owners of the little portuguese grocery shop, that greet me every morning. Fighting for fresh fruits every monday and thursday at work. My boss (a lot). The smell of mate in the morning. The view of the Alps from the kitchen window. Being able to complain about some moron (and even being encouraged to do so). Learning a new latin american expression every week. My work colleagues. Our common love for delicious food. Convincing them to ditch the gym and go and have a gourmet burguer at Holy Cow instead (it’s in the same direction anyways). Home-made Chilean empanadas. The so-called business walks. Engineering our way through the city to take as little hills as humanly possible possible. Having lunch in the park. Lazy afternoons.

Sunset in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Beautiful buildings and their romantic balconies. My safe, clean and quiet neighborhood. The fresh cut grass in the park. The careful and respectful drivers. The good faith of swiss people. Finding clothes and shoes in my size, even at the end of sales. Globus – and it’s Gourmet Supermarket. Saturdays street market. The cheese. The lebanese take away, which often gifted me with an extra dish or glass of wine, for free. The good taste of tap water. Making use of my french (now that I was finally picking up on the language!).

Crêpe in Lausanne, Switzerland

My apartment. The view from my bed. From my balcony. Sunbathing on my deckchair. My sun addiced neighbor (whenever I’m tanning, he’s too!) The Alps. The Lake. Sunsets from Vidy. Sailboats. The way in which the afternoon sun teints the Alps pink. My friends. BBQs at the lake until late at night. Drinking outside a bar on the pavement. Always meeting people I know in my usual pub. Always having a friend who’s up for a drink. Or a festival. Or a late night dinner. Eating too much raclette (and drinking even more wine). Cocktails at St Pierre’s (specially their custom made Bloody Mary), while playing board games on a rainy afternoon. Strawberry Vodka shots at Punk. The incredibly good looking swiss-french boys (who usually to sit or walk next to an incredible stylish and beautiful swiss-french girl). Walking everywhere, without worrying about safety.

Being so close to nature. The swiss railway. The demi-tarif, that got me moving around Switzerland always for half the price! The 10 minutes ride away to the vineyards in Lavaux. The 45 min ride to the nearest ski station. The snow (who would have said so!). People’s love for adventure. The crazy swiss who snowboard and ski down Lausanne’s steepest slopes. The way in which the city’s efficiency is not at all affected by the weather conditions. The charming little villages. How beautiful and peaceful the the streets look when they’re covered in snow.

I’m leaving on Wednesday. Until then, I’m making my best to visit, once more, my favorite places in the city, at my favorite meals and, specially, meet the friends I’ve met along my stay. Next time, I’ll be writing from London.

16 thoughts on “A Goodbye

  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Switzerland so much, although that does make it harder to say goodbye. It’s pretty hard to beat a view of the Alps from your kitchen window.

  2. Awwe, so sweet and sad at the same time. BUT- you are headed to LONDON!! My favorite place that hopefully you will fall in love with too. It will be different, but still charm and adventure. Eat at Wagamamas for me!

  3. Sometimes we have to say goodbye so we can say hello to new adventures. Sounds like you will always keep this adventure close to your heart. Best of luck in your next endeavor!

  4. I don’t like saying goodbye. It’s almost a phobia, I get all teary. I guess it’s my European side, looking towards the past. North Americans tend to embrace anything new.

    Memories last forever and I’m sure you’ll have a blast in London. Besides, you can always go back for a quick visit!

  5. What an absolutely perfect round up! I might steal this for when I leave a country too. Best of luck with the move! I know it will go great 🙂

  6. Thanks for your thanksful words about your life in Lausanne. It makes me even more grateful about living here. Have a nice relocation in London and keep up enjoying food, travel & life in general 🙂

  7. Beatiful post! Good luck with everything and have a great time in London. After all, Switzerland will still be only a couple of hours away by plane from there.

    Denise @ the art of slow travel

  8. A great tribute to a place you love! I understand that feeling… when I moved from Amsterdam to Melbourne it took me many months to settle, come to terms with leaving, and embrace my new life. My best advice is to hold dear your fondest memories from the old place but not put them on a pedestal. Leave room for more exciting opportunities in the new one, and really tuck in to figuring that place out and making it yours.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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