Swimming in Crystalline Water

Crystalline Water in Formentera

I had promised more pictures and stories about my week in the tiny island on Formentera as soon as I got back to normal, and now that I’ve recovered my computer and said goodbye to Switzerland – I thought it’s about time. Plus, I love to go through fun summer memories when it’s raining and windy outside.

Formentera’s sands and crystalline water are world-famousdon’t believe me? check out where Giorgio Armani or Shakira spent this summer! – which also means that most of its easy accessible beaches are really crowded. That’s when one becomes creative to find a peaceful spot to lay down and soak up some mediterranean sun. And then it hit us – we had to rent a boat and discover all those hidden gems that have no land access.

All good, but what do you do without any kind of maritime license (and ok, lets admit it, without cash to spend on renting a 10 meter sail boat to explore the island’s coastline)?

Rent a Zodiac instead!

Me on our Zodiac, Formentera

If you ever thought that a zodiac would only be good enough to take you from your yacht to the beach and back, then you’re wrong. You should never underestimate the power of a zodiac – this smaller version of a speed boat took us all the way from the port of Formentera to the south of the island and back up all the way north to S’Espalmador.

About 20 minutes after leaving the port towards the south of the Island, we found a peaceful spot with crystalline blue water. We dropped the anchor and looked around us. Not more than 3 other boats were surrounding us, and there was enough distance between us to almost feel like we had the spot for ourselves.

The color of the sea was so appealing that it didn’t take us more than 3 minutes to jump into the water (part of those 3 minutes, we were trying to figure how to best jump from an inflatable boat without looking too ridiculous – what we didn’t realize was the actual ridiculous part would be trying to get back into the zodiac again). This was the first time I made use of my underwater camera kit.

Crystalline Water in Formentera

Underwater in Formentera, Spain

Swimming in Crystalline Water, Formentera

Underwater in Formentera, Spain

19 thoughts on “Swimming in Crystalline Water

    1. Hi! Thanks for following 🙂 For the underwater pictures, I used Sony’s marine pack, called Sony MPK-WE (they’ve made different ones for different camera models). It’s not a cheap investment, but it’s very much worth all the fun you have with it!

    1. The temperature was not like the caribbean… but, for me, it was perfect that way. It was really hot outside, and anyway, coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the Med feels like a heated pool 🙂

  1. There are no good ways to elegantly get on/get off a boat 😆 In Thailand, we took the boat a lot and I soon became a specialist of crash-landing in the sand (and getting soaked) because I would misjudge the depth of the water. Plus, hold a camera high above head isn’t great for balance.

    I love your underwater/ in water shots! How did you do that?

    1. haha, you’re right – there’s just no elegant way to do it! I took the pictures with my sony cybershot digital camera, using an underwater case for that specific model. It actually works quite well and is easy to use, I highly recommend it! Fyi, the marine pack I have is only for sony… but there are some that can be used with lots of different cameras too!

    1. Thanks Andi!! It was almost too hot to wear a top actually, but I I had to cover myself a bit – 6 hours in the sun without more than 20 SPF sunscreen would have had pretty bad results! 😉

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Med’s blue water. So different from the Caribbean. Lucky you, and so fun on a Zodiac!

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