Whale Watching in Los Gigantes Tenerife

Whale Watching in Los Gigantes, Tenerife (Spain)

We are obsessed with discovering the World.

We aim to step on land that no one or only few of us have visited before. We want individuality. Uniqueness. Experiences that will be recorded in our memory until we grow old. We travel around the globe by train, bus, plane and/or taxi (often using a combination of all of these) in a surprisingly short time span, only to visit somewhere we define as exotic.

The funny thing is – Sometimes the most unique and exotic experiences are right in front of our door step.

12 thoughts on “Whale Watching in Los Gigantes Tenerife

  1. Would love to watch dolphins and whales! There is just so much to admire about the ocean! So many creatures living in there that we aren’t aware of!

  2. I had no idea you could go whale watching in Tenerife. It’s so true, there is so much amazing stuff right on your doorstep but for some reason we feel like we have to trek to the other side of the world to find it!

  3. Ohh lovely pic! the water is an amazing shade of blue! I kind of went whale watching when I was in Hervey Bay, Australia…it was fun but a bit boring waiting for whales to appear, haha.

  4. That’s so true! I rediscovered some parts of France with Feng when I went there as a tourist and not as a French.

    Did you take that picture? That’s pretty unique!

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