Ushuaia: The Southernmost City of the World

Ushuaia, Argentina

Before visiting Tierra del Fuego, I imagines an isolated and remote scenery with deep beauty – el Fin del Mundo. When I arrived at Ushuaia, I was surprised by the amount of shops and restaurant selection. This is no wonder, given that Ushuaia lives now heavily from tourism – most of them staying only for 2-3 days before embarking in one of the expedition cruises. However, it wasn’t always like this, as Ushuaia started on being Argentina’s penal colony for the most fearsome criminals of Argentina.

Ushuaia declares itself the southernmost city of the World, at 54º 49′ South. When we arrived, summer had just officially started. For me, this meant certain warmth and clear skies. However, locals soon advised us that its location provides Tierra del Fuego with a very diverse weather: one can get snow, rain and sun in one day! Even though summer had just started in the southern hemisphere, the usual weather was chilly mornings and rainy afternoons.

I didn’t really mind – Clouds and rain make for great photo sets!

Cloudy Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Forrest in Ushuaia, Argentina

Despite from what one might think, winter isn’t so much colder. Tierra del Fuego has a mild climate and during winter, temperatures usually don’t drop under -5ºC!

Another fact that caught my attention were the long hours of sun light. During our stay, the sun set at about 23:30 and raised again at about 3:30, which sums up to a 20 hours of light! I took the below picture at about 22:30 at night from a restaurant next to the harbor.

Ushuaia, Argentina

The long hours of light make summer the best time to visit Tierra del Fuego – there is just so much to see that every extra hour is appreciated… I even became an early morning person waking up at 6-7am every day (ok, that’s not super early, but it’s early for being on holidays, isn’t it?).

Have you been to Tierra del Fuego? What surprised you most?

11 thoughts on “Ushuaia: The Southernmost City of the World

  1. I’ll never forget Ushuaia! What a wonderful place! What made it especially wonderful for us was that we had spent 3 years cycling 17,300 miles from Alaska to get there. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the emotions I felt as we pedaled into Ushuaia!

  2. It looks amazing, but all I can think of is the amount of flying time to get there.

    My wife was there on her trip to Antarctica and has some cool stories of the time.

  3. Wow, you made it all the way south! I’ve explored Argentina’s northern provinces, but I would love to make it all the way to Tierra del Fuego one day – in the summertime. 😀 I can’t believe it was almost midnight when you took that last shot!

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