London: A View from Outside the City

London City, UK

During the Middle Age, Southbank developed as London’s outlaw neighborhood – a place where taverns, theaters, bear-baiting, cock-fighting and prostitution entertained the crowds. The borough was conveniently located outside the City’s walls, on the other side of the river. For decades, locals from the north side rarely crossed the river to the south, nor did the tourists visiting the City.

However, in the past few years, a series of projects have focused on improving this area – turning it into an must-see artistic hub with numerous museums and art galleries, as well as a real foodie heaven with the boom of old Borough Market.

Southbank is one of my favorite areas of London. Its tiny streets and alleys boast with history and diversity. Local pubs are authentic – small, dark and crowded. Its architecture is a perfect blend of the 18th Century industrial era and modern developments. But what really makes Southbank so special is its views over the City’s skyline during dusk or dawn.

Can you imagine having this view from your balcony?

7 thoughts on “London: A View from Outside the City

  1. So beautiful looking. The description and view somewhat looks like my own city here in Washington. I have always wanted to travel to London but convincing my husband that you don’t have to have sunny skies and sandy beaches to enjoy an amazing vacation is not exactly the easiest of tasks. I love little towns with dark alleys that lead to the best bar food you’ve ever eaten.

  2. This is one place that I haven’t had the chance to visit as of yet. I really do want to there sometime though because I have family back through the years from there. Another great post as per usual!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I think I’ve just fallen in love with yours! Particularly as you are commenting on my ‘hood (I live in Bermo and can walk to this view in ten minutes).
    I’m off to find a way to sign up for new posts… aka subscribe to your blog.

  4. I certainly can imagine a view like that. I LOVE the Founders Arms pub right by the Tate, where you can get amazing views of St.Paul’s over a pitcher of Pimms.

  5. The skyline of London is quite unique, and much more modern than I remembered it in the 1990s. I was amazed the last time I was there!

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