Stockholm Like A Local: A Roomorama Review

As soon as I had booked my flight to Stockholm, I began to think about the consequences of my spontaneous decision. Sure, my flight was ridiculously cheap (probably the one and only advantage of flying with Ryanair) – but wasn’t Stockholm one of the World’s most expensive cities? Looking back at the SEK/EUR exchange rate for the past 3 years, I realized that, where once I would have received almost 11 SEK for 1 EUR, I now hardly get 9 SEK.

I was going to get ripped off.

When Roomorama offered me credit to review their service, I jumped at the opportunity. I was going to save a lot in accommodation – giving me much more to spend in experiences!

Roomorama: An Introduction


Roomorama believes that there is more to travel than visiting a city’s main attractions. They defend the idea that, when living like a local in one of their many short term rentals Worldwide, you improve your experience and understanding of the country your visiting and its culture.

As a firm believer of the good behind getting lost in cities, living like a local was exactly was I was looking for.

The Search And Booking Process

Stockholm Apartments Roomorama

Roomorama not only offers apartments, but a wide range of accommodation that ranges from a single room in a shared flat to luxurious villas with infinity pools. Booking at their website is very simple: you choose your destination, dates and number of guests, and they will provide a list of available places. You then can refine your search to match your price range and needs (elevator, internet, TV, etc).

If, like me, you have a specific neighborhood or area in mind – you can use their virtual map to spot each choice. As I was particularly looking for a centric place to avoid paying too much for transport, I chose a room in Östermalm (one of the wealthy and calm areas of the city, close enough to walk to the buzz of the center).

Before booking a room, you need to get in touch with the landlord or agency. This can be complicated when visiting countries in which english isn’t a first language or isn’t widely spoken. Sweden is a country with a very high level of english among young people, but can get difficult when talking with previous generations.

The Room & Neighborhood

Östermalm Neighborhood Roomorama

I admit it – having your own room is really relaxing. I had booked it with 2 very close friends and it turned out to be perfect: 3 single beds, a place to put our luggage, a window overlooking the neighborhood and our own separate bathroom. We had full access to the kitchen (which we took good use of!), coffee and tea for free throughout the day and two sets of keys to come and go whenever we wanted. Helena, the landlord, kindly provided us with city guides and maps of the city center.

The apartment was located in a residential neighborhood in Östermalm, only 50 meters from the tube and 15 minutes walk to the city center. There were very few hotels in the area, so we hardly ever passed tourists at all. On the first day, we explored our area and soon found what we soon started to call our supermarket.

The Pros and Cons

Breakfast in Stockholm with Roomorama

The Benefits

  • Privacy – You get your own space, allowing you some time to relax whenever wanted. Plus, you don’t have to lock up your stuff whenever you go out (even for going to the bathroom!)
  • A Real Kitchen – Having access to a proper kitchen to prepare breakfast and sandwiches to take away for the day. This helped us keeping our costs relatively down and eating healthy fresh and unprocessed food.
  • Flexibility – Our landlord arranged for an extra bed without any additional cost and allowed us to check out late in the afternoon.
  • Local Experience – Knowing your way around the area, being just another neighbor feels gratifying. You know that prices in the surrounding shops are for real, and not just for tourists!

The Drawbacks

  • Internet vs Reality – There is a possibility that the accommodation you book isn’t as good as it seems. Marie from EurotripTips had an unlucky experience in London, where she didn’t have hot water nor a reliable internet connection. One way of avoiding this is by revising other people’s reviews on this property and owner.
  • Additional Costs – To the daily price, you will usually have to add a Roomorama fee and, in some occasions, a cleaning fee. Before booking a room, always check these additional charges as these can be high for very short stays.
  • Cost Effectiveness – It might not always be the most cost effective option for a solo traveler – it really depends on your destination.

My Final Veredict

Overall, my experience with Roomorama was great. Throughout the whole booking process, I got every question answered clearly and timely by a member of the team – I was taken care of and valued as a customer. I was glad to choose their services to cover my accommodation in Stockholm – a city I had never visited before and now I believe I know quite well. The website is simple to use, effective and offers something for any sort of traveler (yes, as demanding as you may be!). I’m already checking apartments for my next destination… and you should, too!

Note: Roomorama has offered me a discount for my stay in Stockholm in exchange of a review on my blog, but my opinions and impressions are as always my own.

2 thoughts on “Stockholm Like A Local: A Roomorama Review

  1. Thanks for including my post! Indeed my experience with Roomorama wasn’t a positive one, but as I said, it could have very well happened with a regular hotel or else. You definitely have to be careful when booking with them though, the fees can add up quite fast. But more often than not it’s very good value for money!

  2. Depending on who I was traveling with, roomorama sounds like a cool way to down with the locals! I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ll keep it in mind.

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