Colourful Streets of Stockholm

As we arrived in Stockholm and walked towards the tube station, it immediately hit us: the city has something magical and fairy-tale feel. Perhaps it’s the golden details of its majestic buildings, the round towers that make me wonder if a swedish Rapunzel is trapped up there or the way the dreamy street lights reflect on the peaceful water – but there’s certainly something.

Round Tower in Stockholm, SwedenCan you see Rapunzel waving from the balcony?

Stadshuset (City Hall) is one of the best surprises: from the street, it seems to be not more than a simple red brick building – but once inside, it’s beauty is undeniable. The construction’s waterfront offers, in my opinion, one of the best afternoon views of the Gamla Stan (Old Town) and Södermalm (heart of bohemian culture).

Golden details on top of the City Hall

Stockholm Skyline, Sweden

Afternoon view over Gamla Stan from the City Hall waterfront

Stockholm is a walkable city – If you pack a pair of comfortable shoes, you will hardly need to use the tube to move in between islands. The walk from Östermalm (the district that holds the City Hall) to Gamla Stan is only about a 10 minute walk! Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old town and one of the best conserved medieval city centers of the World. Stortoget Square is known to be one of Sweden’s oldest squares and is now popular for its many cafes and restaurants.

If you happen to be walking close to Stortoget Square and feel like coffee and something sweet, I recommend trying the Valrhona chocolate ball at Chokladkoppen. If you like dark chocolate – you’ll love this!

Stortorget Square in Gamla Stan, StockholmIconic buildings around Stortoget Square

It is easy to get lost in it’s small winding streets, but it’s also easy to find yourself back again since it really doesn’t take you more than 15 minutes to walk from one corner of Stadsholmen (its main island) to the other. The streets are packed with cozy cafes, art galleries and (pricy) handcraft shops.

Small Alley in Gamla Stan, StockholmRomantic alleys in Gamla Stan

One of my favorite parts of the visit was discovering these small alleys – each of them seemed to be taken out of a fairy tale. I tried to imagine a medieval life happening on theses streets, and am sure they have kept secrets for centuries. Is there anything more magical than that?

15 thoughts on “Colourful Streets of Stockholm

  1. ah I love Stockholm. It’s been years since I was last there & I’m dying to go back again soon. I really love those little alleyways as well – it does really seem like a “fairytale” there.
    I just found your blog – I really love it so far!

  2. What gorgeous photos! I have fallen increasingly in love with walking lately so the architecture and your description of the city as a walkable one means that Stockholm is definitely on my to-visit list now.

    1. hmm… maybe it’s not that difficult to make – I think it’s oats, dark chocolate and coconut all mixed up together put into a ball. Almost too easy to be true…

    1. I’m sure you will! Oh I’m so excited to see what you discover… I’ve got the feeling there are still so many things to see and do – I think I need more time next time!

  3. Love these photos, Katherina! You really captured some of Stockholm’s magic. I couldn’t agree more with you about the minute you emerge from the subway and sense something different… Stockholm was my first stop in Europe a few years ago, but even still I could tell it was pretty unique. So glad you had a great time 🙂

    1. I agree, it IS an amazing city! I thought some people were very friendly and helpful but others seem to not come along very well with foreigners… then, maybe they didn’t understand english or were just having a bad day – ’cause most of them were really sweet.

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