Fall in Kew Gardens (London)

Fall In Kew Gardens, London

Last sunday I visited Kew Gardens. I had been wanting to go since I moved to London more than a year ago, but there was always something last-minute stopping me (most of the time, it was sudden rain showers). Kew Gardens, for those of you who may not know, is one of the World’s most famous gardens – a UNESCO World Heritage site to my collection.

These gardens are home of thousands of different species from all over the globe. They never really lose their charm – no matter the season. With it’s 16 GBP entry fee, it’s definitely not a bargain – but it was definitely worth it to capture the most out of autumn in London.

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Where is your favorite spot to capture autumn shots?

11 thoughts on “Fall in Kew Gardens (London)

  1. I’d say Quebec, Canada for all the gorgeous shots of the changing colours of the leaves! There is officially a leaf-peeping season in this area (like in the north of New York state). Before I had visited, I never knew how beautiful leaves could be.

    Btw, these are gorgeous shots of the Kew Gardens! I am ashamed to say that I lived in London for 5 years without ever visiting them. Maybe I will pop over for a visit when I visit London next from Paris!



  2. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love autumn and all the gorgeous colours that come with it.
    I’m exactly the same in that I moved to London just over a year ago and I still haven’t been!

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