Fear from the Unplanned

It’s funny how life continuously tests your limits.

Most of us were told that if we studied hard, we would get the job we expected; and yet, when it comes to today’s work life, nothing really seems to go as planned.

Hiking from Seaford to Eastbourne, UK

Each time I start to feel a certain confidence and security, the ground begins to move again, reminding me that I live in a World that is not predictable anymore.

A degree no longer leads to a job. An MBA no longer guarantees a generous salary increase. And a career in banking is no longer a stable choice.

This is really not how I was told it was going to be.

Chamonix, France

I’m a devoted planner. I began working on a 2, 5 and 10 year goal a few years back, when I was going to graduate from University. These goals from back then haven’t changed significantly, but my strategy has taken a U-Turn. Instead of working backwards from my perfect job, I choose a direction I like and work on it. There’s no guarantee my perfect job will still exist 10 years from now – but a direction never will. There will always be the need for a planner. A leader. A negotiator.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to accept that you’re vulnerable to future developments. That you can’t plan and control your way into your dream job anymore. There’s no straight line to becoming who you want to be, but instead, a rocky path full of strong curves without warning signs.

These rocky paths are part of the adventure. But staring at the strong curve without seeing its end makes me nervous and unsettled.

My old self would have a plan lined up. My new self, though, wants to test my sense of adventure.

Walking on Lava, Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

Am I capable of walking the entire curve while enjoying the path, without worrying about what’s at the end of it?

11 thoughts on “Fear from the Unplanned

  1. I’m a total planner too and hate not knowing what the future will bring. I try and be like other people and love the possibility that anything could happen in the future but I’d secretly love to know!

  2. Sometimes what we plan out for the road ahead takes all kinds of twists and turns. That’s what has happened with my life, I’m on a road that has all kinds of twists and turns and all I can do is hold on and see where it takes me. I know you’ll find your way along the path! Have a great weekend.

  3. oh this , you couldn’t have put it better. I truly feel you.

    I guess for most parts life never quite go on as how we have planned it. Things just happen. I wish only all of us will be satisfied and happy at the end of it.

    As for me, I always plan and often regret what I’ve planned. Similarly, sometimes I regret what I didn’t plan. Ok, did I confuse you? Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to embrace the uncertainty and go with the flow. Like other bloggers have commented =)

  4. I am glad that I waited to go onto graduate school after university- because I’m now on a totally different path then I expected at the time, one which may or may not lead to a lucrative career, but at least now I’m 28 and know its something I’m definitely invested and interested in. Meanwhile, I’ve been at a job that is “good enough” and makes me happy for the time being, working with kids and families, to pay the bills in the meantime. I’ve found my true passion is studying classical homeopathy though, and am now in the schooling portion of it 🙂 Good luck finding your way- just do what you love!

  5. You definitely hit home with a lot of truths. I don’t think there is any groundbreaking solution but the path is always unknown. One thing is certainly clear though, you are spot on that being a negotiator and a leader will always bring your to another place to keep improving. These are some of the most important skills in life to hone. Great honest and direct article.

  6. Tell me about it! I know how you feel, trust me. I was told so many things growing up… and life turned out differently on so many levels. Well, for once, I had always thought I would end up living in China because of my background in Asian studies, and here I am in Canada!

    Embrace uncertainty. You know your strengths, that’s what truly matters.

  7. I’m right there with you. Planning is getting me where everyone said it would, so it’s time to “let go” and see what happens. It is a scary transition but I’d rather be scared and discovering something new than bored, unfulfilled and unhappy.

    Here’s to 2013 and the year of change!! Cheers!


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