I’m living in Barcelona. Wait, what?

Life rarely goes as planned

Swing dancers in Vila de Gracia, Barcelona

The day I quit my job in the finance to pursue a career in corporate communications and events, I knew it was going to be tough to adjust to my new lifestyle lifestyle. I knew I would have to climb down a few steps of the corporate ladder and adjust my expenses to a lower salary.

But what I did fail to think of back then was how hard it would be to get a job in a new industry in the first place.

Although I secured a 3 month internship to gain industry experience, I know that this is only temporary and soon, I’d be facing uncertainty again.

Do this, move there, give up or go home.


My worries had been blurring my vision. I wrote lists of options, pros and cons and juggled with my future. The easy choice was to quit London and move somewhere else. The more painful alternative was to stay in London and continue to send out numerous job applications hoping to get a response.

None of them felt quite right.

And then I realised there was a third alternative. I reached out to my network – friends, alumni, family. If I could get one more experience in the industry, I would, hopefully, be fit for London’s competitive job market. Soon after I started, things began to fall into place – I got in touch with someone I knew from Uni who had also changed career paths and had landed a job in a small events agency in Barcelona. A few calls later, I got a temporary contract to work at the 15th FINA World Swimming Championships!

So, what’s next?

Cadaqués, Costa Brava (Spain)

For the next four months, I’ll be living and working in Barcelona. Sure, at the moments it’s something temporary – but it’s also the invaluable industry experience I am currently short of. It’s 4 months in a city I had never visited before, so I’m surely covering my need of travel and adventure as well. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this city happens to be in the Mediterranean coast side and offer some of my favourite dishes in every corner bar (pincho de tortilla, anyone?).

14 thoughts on “I’m living in Barcelona. Wait, what?

  1. Hey Kate, how did you end up liking life in Barcelona? I just did a year in Bilbao, now I’m moving to Barcelona, and I’m feeling somewhat iffy. Like one of your other posts addressed, I’m not sure I’m ready to move back to Spain!

    1. Hi Jenny, I admit that, although I’m not ready to move back permanently, I absolutely loved my time in Barcelona. It’s very different from Bilbao (you’ll see that) but the quality of lifestyle you get there is just amazing. I’m sure you’ll love it.
      PS: I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Barcelona – when are you making the move?

  2. congratulations, Kat!! what a great opportunity! It must be great to come back home working!! you will know how I feel, and I need to catch up with you!!!

  3. That’s so exciting!!! Congrats on the new gig. So now you’re organizing the events I attend as a journalist…I love hearing about events from that side (I actually started out on that side of things)! Maybe I’ll even see you at the FINA championships…. 🙂 Good luck in Barcelona!

  4. Congrats, that’s really awesome! Plus, Spain is a really cool place, and I think you are right about the opportunity–do it! Blog wise… well, I’m looking forward to discover Spain through your eyes 😉

  5. Congratulations! What a cool opportunity! I can’t wait to see your architecture and water photos… those are my fave 🙂

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