Winding Streets of Sitges, Barcelona

Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Summer has arrived in Barcelona – Locals have finally ditched their boots to jump into their sandals. Not that I hadn’t worn sandals or summer dresses until now – in the contrary, all I had actually packed were sandals and summer dresses. But for some odd meteorological reason, May in Barcelona could almost be compared to April in London. In fact, on my first week in the city, it rained so hard that I saw small rivers forming in my neighborhood. So much for Mediterranean climate. Anyway, that was up to a week ago. Now that the sun is out and temperatures are up, I have spent my weekend doing what any reasonable person in my condition would do – being lazy at the beach. This was also my main reason to go to Sitges. Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Sitges is a town southwest of Barcelona particularly known for its Film Festival, its openness to the gay community and its many beaches (17 in total – for nudists, semi-nudists and non-nudists). At just 30 minutes by train from Passeig de Gracia Barcelona, I was sold. At arrival, I went straight to the sea. I picked a small beach next to the old town and its little church, frequented by young locals and tourists. After 2.5 hrs boiling under the sun, I could only think of drinking a cold bottle of water somewhere in the shades. It was right there – while looking for rehydration – that I realized something: Sitges should also be known for its old town streets and alleys. Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) Sitges, Barcelona (Spain)

Have you been to Sitges?

6 thoughts on “Winding Streets of Sitges, Barcelona

  1. I have been to Sitges! My dad used to live there back in the 70s, so when I went to Barcelona a few years back I made it my mission to take a day trip out to Sitges and explore his old stomping grounds. 🙂

  2. I’m from Brazil. I visited Sitges in february 2011 with my daughter and some friends. We spent couple of hours there. All of us loved this little town. It’s so charming, cozy and beautiful.

  3. Sommer in Barcelona, lange verschüttete Erinnerungen werden wach. Auf der Suche nach einem schattigen, ruhigen Platz und einem kühlen Getränk entdeckt man oft die schönsten Seiten eines fremden Ortes. Die Fotos von Sitges sind grandios und wecken in mir die Lust mediterran zu leben.

  4. This is a gorgeous post! Love all the photos! When I went to Spain last year, I went everywhere but Barcelona (due to a scheduling quirk!) Your post makes me want to return sooner, rather than later!

    P.S. sorry to hear about the weather. Rain totally bums me out too! But it looks like the rain didn’t stop you from taking excellent pictures! Thank you for sharing (:

  5. I love both the street views and the details, such as the doors, you chose to single out. Good eye! I would have a coffee in this little street 🙂

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