Picture This: Torre Agbar Barcelona

Torre Agbar, Barcelona (Spain)

Torre Agbar stands out among Barcelona’s architecture (and that’s quite difficult to achieve with 10 of Gaudi’s famous art works dominating the city centre). Each time I see it from the distance, it reminds me of the Gherkin in London. No wonder it did – with its somewhat phallic shape, it has also earned some funny nicknames among the locals (just as the Gherkin, ahem, 30 St. Mary Axe). Never mind that the architects true inspiration was the rock formations in Montserrat.

But there’s more to this building than its comical shape – It represents the gateway to Barcelona’s new technological district.

I’m continuously impressed with how far architecture can go technologically. Probably one of its key features is its nocturnal illumination. The tower has over 4.500 LED luminous devices that enable it to create images containing up to 16 million different colors on the façade. This system also allows the fast transition between colors, creating amazing effects on the outside of the building.

I haven’t had the chance to shoot its colors at night – but rest assured I won’t leave before doing so!


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