Traveling Back in Time – Peratallada (Spain)

Sheep Avalanche, Girona (Spain) As anticipated a few weeks back, my time in glorious Barcelona has now come to an end. Or rather a break. I prefer to use the word break when it comes to the sad action of leaving a place you have grown to love so much – it seems much less dramatic.

After leaving the city of Gaudí behind, I had planned a one-week road trip to explore Girona – one of Catalonia’s other autonomous communities, placed between Barcelona and France.

Having grown up in Spain, I am ashamed to admit how little I had seen of Catalonia until a few months ago. I am guilty of underestimating what I’ve got close by and idealizing faraway places with exotic names (and even more exotic visa and vaccination requirements). I was biased believing that the grass was always greener on the other side of the fence.

This road trip shook my focusing bias off my head – Spain has the beauty and charm that many other countries wish they had!

Peratallada, Girona (Spain)

One of the things I adore about Catalonia is its medieval towns. There are many of them (ranging a variety of sizes) all across Spain, however, the ones in Catalonia are even more captivating because of their great conservation.

Peratallada is a tiny town with about 400 habitants in Forallac, Girona which still maintains a proper Middle Age atmosphere – Cobblestone streets, arcs, balconies made of wood and stone and a dim light illuminating only parts of its otherwise dark passageways.

The town breathes peace and quietness, only occasionally interrupted by toasting wine glasses and gentle conversations in the village’s bars and restaurants. Even though Peratallada is among the most well-known medieval towns, you won’t feel overwhelmed by gift shops and tourist herds – It remains authentic.

Peratallada, Girona (Spain)

Have you visited Peratallada or other medieval towns in Europe?

PS: In case you were wondering – we survived the sheep avalanche. Sort of. The car had a few bumps (oops!).

4 thoughts on “Traveling Back in Time – Peratallada (Spain)

  1. Love the pic of the sheep! I’ve never been to Peratallada, but now I’ll have to go.
    Miss you lot’s here… and I just got the news – Congratulations!!!!! Give us an update please 🙂

  2. I was twice in Spain but i didn’t explored much Catalonia.
    But some really beautifull medival citys I saw around Madrid, like Toledo and Segovia. The arhitecture is alike but still the towns have some unic turistic spots, that’s why are worthy to see tham, both!

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