2015: Looking Forward – My 3 Words

Last year I quit making New Year’s resolutions. They were far too easy for me to break! Instead, I chose 3 words that frame what I wanted my year to be.

My 3 words of 2014: Grow. Simplicity. Radiant.

Picking 3 words instead of coming up with a wish list of (mostly unrealistic) resolutions may seem like an easy task at first, but trust me – framing an entire year in just 3 words is a tough job!

After reviewing my the past twelve months and carefully contemplating what I would like 2015 to look like, I chose the following 3 words to lead me through the year:

Rise. Dare. Unplug. 


Sunrise from the highest peak in Spain (Teide, Tenerife)

I have never been an early riser, but after devouring Laura Vanderkam’s What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast early May last year, I was ready to give it a go. Surprisingly, waking up early became one of my favourite things during the summer months! I loved the quiet mornings – when the world hadn’t yet properly began to pick up its usual hectic pace. I used this extra time to go for a run in the park, study for the GMAT or even write a few paragraphs for my next post.

The thing is, as the days became shorter, I began to hit the all too tempting snooze button for longer. I certainly admire those that can get up at 5:00 AM (or even earlier!) for pleasure all year round.

So here’s to the word rise. To get up with commitment and energy. To not hit snooze more than twice. To become comfortable getting up while its dark outside. To squeeze in a morning work out or two each week. To continue to make a full and healthy breakfast before leaving for work. To arrive earlier to the office. To appreciate the quiet in London.


Skiing in Lech, Austria

Do you know that little feeling you get, when you’re pondering whether to go ahead with a big decision? Like when you’re standing on an edge and could either turn around and run back to safer ground or just jump into deep water? While I feel like 2014 has been fairly stable (which was good – for a change!), this year, I want to dare to jump deep into new challenges.

Here’s the thing – I really love challenges that involve risk and adventure (you know, like moving to Barcelona on temporary contract and a month notice). I kind of miss the great stories and life lessons that come with these challenges – and quite honestly, I also enjoy proving myself I can win a challenging dare!

So I call 2015 the year I learn to let go of limiting thoughts and take more action. Learn to appreciate progress and let go of the idea of perfection. Take more risks, and be willing to fail (fast) and get up again. After all – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


Tarifa, Spain

I’m busy, you’re busy… hey, we are all busy people. We love having lots of things on our plate, right? And we constantly strive to become more productive. Do more and do it better! Ok, sure – but then, I don´t know about you, but I don’t feel happy running around at a frenetic pace, trying to juggle too much. Yet still I found myself in this situation more than once in 2014.

As much as I enjoy the thrill of my job, I’ve also learned to appreciate disconnecting from the constant buzzing. Over my last holidays, I even allowed my BlackBerry to run out of battery and didn’t charge it for 2 entire days (naughty, I know). In 2015, I intend to unplug more often by muting my phones before I go to sleep (if not on a live project) and not allowing laptops in bed after 10 PM.

That’s not all, though – I also aim to unplug from the feeling of constantly having to work on feeding my professional credentials and, instead, add a hobby that feeds my soul (does that sound cheesy?). I want to give myself some space for creativity – to do something just because I enjoy it (like, writing and taking photos for this blog!) and not feel guilty about having fun!

What are your 3 words of 2015?

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22 thoughts on “2015: Looking Forward – My 3 Words

  1. Love this idea! I wrote something similar about new year resolutions. I try to keep them as simple as possible. My 3 words are: explore. travel. freedom.

  2. Finally, a fellow early riser! Even though at my age it’d be more normal for me to be nocturnal, I feel like everything exciting begins in the day. Being awake when the sun is up also makes you feel happier more refreshed throughout the day.

  3. My three words

    Discover, Connect, Act

    I recently retired and I want this to be the year that I push myself to discover new things, places and people. Starting a blog is difficult because I tend to live in my head. I want to connect with others to gain feedback, perspective , and to learn. Lastly, I want to be a person who identifies her passions and turns them into action.

  4. Hallo Katharina, mir gefallen deine Gedanken sehr! Und die Vorstellung ins Ungewisse zu springen, neue Leute kennenzulernen, dich selbst besser kennenzulernen, die Türen zu öffnen für die große bunte Welt… Was gibt es schöneres! Genieße dein Leben!
    Ich bin für sechs Monate in Nicaragua, Anna hat mich grad für drei Wochen besucht. Dieses Land ist so schön! Da musst du auch unbedingt mal hin! Die Uhren ticken hier langsamer, die Menschen sind bodenständiger, Pferdekarren fahren durch die Straßen. Ich probiere leckere indianische Maisgerichte wie z.B. Nacatamales, ein Gericht aus Maispaste, und Rindfleisch in Bananenblätter verpackt, fahre in überfüllten Bussen durchs Land, besichtige feuerspeiende Vulkane und schwimme in sanften Lagunen. Was gibts schöneres als raus in die große weite Welt!
    Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald mal wieder. Vielleicht in Berlin oder in London oder auf dem Kilimandscharo. 😉
    Liebe Grüße, Angela

  5. I only picked 2 theme words. They are creativity and giving (back). I am trying to apply them both to my blog and to my real world. This is my first time using theme words instead of resolutions. So far, so good. I would have broken all my narrow resolutions by now. These words open up my eyes to new possible ways that I can put my words into practice each day.

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