Wynwood: Miami’s most photogenic walls

Like most places we visited in Miami, Wynwood Art District was recommended to us by one of our Uber drivers.

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

I love the concept: warehouse buildings acting as giant blank canvases to showcase a major art statement. I honestly believe every larger city should have district that allows its artists to express themselves and give them an opportunity for appreciation and recognition.

Wynwood is one of those places I can’t stop reading, thinking and talking about. This level of fascination with a district doesn’t happen very often. I think I can safely say that Wynwood Miami is up there with Palermo Buenos Aires right now – and that, my friends, is quite a thing to say coming from someone who has been imagining a life in Palermo for the past 5 years.

And then, just to make things even cooler, there’s the Wynwood Walls art project.

Just picture this: Over the past 6 years, the Wynwood Walls have seen over 50 artists representing 16 countries and have covered over 7,400 m2 (or 80000 square feet) of walls.

Can you imagine the mix of styles, colours and techniques?

Even better jet, have a look at what the Wynwood Walls art project looks like. And then maybe book a trip to Miami and take me with you!

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Wynwood, Miami (USA)

Which is your favourite Wynwood Wall?

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16 thoughts on “Wynwood: Miami’s most photogenic walls

  1. I grew up in Miami and have seen the changes that took place in Wynwood and surrounding areas throughout the years. It is such a vibrant and lively area now and it’s unbelievable that it has evolved so much. Thanks for exhibiting this special part of our city in such a beautiful way! I hope you enjoyed Miami as it is such an exciting place to visit.

    I love your blog, thanks for the inspiration. My husband and I are currently backpacking South America and always looking for travel tips and insight.


  2. Unfortunately Miami is practically in my back yard and I have yet to visit Wynwood. You’ve inspired me to take the hour drive south very soon to see it for myself! You should come back in December for Art Basil. The entire city is based on art during that time and it’s incredible to see. I agree that each larger city should have something similar to this. I visited the Baylor St Art walls in Austin, Texas and it was really incredible. Each day the local artists come to paint over the walls and redo them with something different. You should look into that as well.

  3. In love with the elephant! I never even thought to ask my uber drivers for recommendations to explore a new area-I will next time! At NC State there is a tunnel that promotes students/residents in the area to practice their graffiti skills. There are lights to keep people safe at night while they are expressing themselves in the Free Expression Tunnel. It’s constantly changing with new art work and so great to check out!

    1. Uber drivers (or, any drivers, really) are such a good source of local knowledge – you should definitely get them to share their secrets next time. Besides for this place, we also discovered great restaurants and less crowded beaches – all through them!

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