Stockholm at Dusk, Sweden

Does it ever get dark in this city? – I wondered while I looking over the city from the Gondolen Restaurant in Södermalm.

This time of the year, the night usually starts to fall at 10pm and the days begin again at 3am – my friend answered.

Isn’t it fantastic, to have 19 hours a day to explore a city that has that has so much to offer? It really gives you time and flexibility to structure your day the way you like – starting early to avoid the crowds, sleeping in late to rest from a big night in the city or even having an afternoon nap to recover in between sights. On the saturday night, instead of going out partying (which isn’t a budget friendly alternative in Stockholm), we went out sightseeing. We walked the streets and squares of Södermalm, Gamla Stan, Riddarholmen and Östermalm. After all, when you’ve got a city like Stockholm – add a dusky sky and romantic street lights and you’re in Wonderland.