Tulip Festival in Morges

I didn’t know much about Morges. Despite it was only a 10 minutes train ride away from home, I had only been once walking along its promenade and admiring its impressive mansions, *sigh*. As in any other swiss village with a population of around 15.000, you may believe that it goes unnoticed. But that’s not the case for Morges.

Every now and then, the village turns into Switzerland’s spotlight – specially for wine lovers and flower enthusiasts. This is the case of the current 6-weeks festival held in Morges – Fête de la Tulipe (Tulip Festival).

Every year, since 1971, Morges greets spring with more than 100.000 tulips of 300 different species. This flower lake decorates the Parc de l’Indépendance, located right next to Lac Léman.

Tulip Festival in MorgesTulip Festival in Morges Tulip Festival in Morges Tulip Festival in MorgesTulip Festival in Morges

This picture selection is probably one of the hardest decision I’ve taken in the last week and by no means is this a final selection. I took more than a hundred pictures in the Fête de la Tulipe. Please feel free to hop over to my portfolio to browse through my full selection.

Which is your favourite tulip?