The Travel category contains all my travel writing. Travel is subcategorised by region and country – these are the places I have traveled to:



Asia and Oceania

Middle East

  • Lebanon

I’m an adventurous traveler, so you’ll find a lot of pieces on my experience hikingsailing, skiing and scuba diving around the World. When I’m not writing about the great outdoors, I share my impressions on architecture and local food.My top Travel experiences so far (in no particular order):

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11 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hello! Your blog was mentioned on this thing called Writing101 I don’t know if you knew but…. I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH!!!!! I want to travel as much as you have!!! *sigh* one day!

  2. Hi Kate, stumbled across your blog and it looks great. I’ll definitely be tuning into your trips every now and then. In the mean time, safe travels!

  3. Hey Kate, your blog is very inspirational. I’ve just got back from Ethiopia and am heading on my first solo adventure soon. I’ve only just started my blog since getting back, but hope to have a travel section in the near future which is of such high quality like yours! Keep travelling and exploring this beautiful world we live in

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